Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Repair your life

Benny completed Life Repair Auditing. This is auditing designed to bring a lot of brightness back into a person's life and help him or her to relieve past upsets in life so that the future is beautiful. Here is Benny's success story: "When I first started Life Repair, I was depressed and distraught over a lot of things that had happened in my career. Now I've come to realize that the world isn't nearly as hostile as it seemed and that managing my fears and concerns required me to maintain a high level of optimism. I've learned to face my problems and my anger issues and have figured out where a lot of my frustrations came from. Life Repair has made me much more optimistic about life. I feel that I can get out there and achieve what I aim to achieve. I understand what mistakes I've made in the past and have learned how not to make them again. Life is not perfect but I've learned that there are lots of good things in life and I need to stop and learn to enjoy them."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life Improvement Course

Dennis completed the Life Improvement Course, How to Improve Conditions in Life. He says, "Wow! It feels like I may have a formula that I can apply to my life without compromise and have it work and move forward."